What are your offers?

Let’s talk about your offers. By offers I don’t just mean your business offerings, I literally mean things you have offered to others—whether it’s helping someone to move if they need it in the future, lending your truck, working with someone, forming a partnership, offering to mentor, etc.

Integrity and Time, Energy and Resources

If you are going to make offers—from personal to business and corporate—you have to make sure you are backing that up with your available time, energy and resources. If you never really had the time tom do something but offer to do it do you have much integrity? Do you over promise? As we have discussed, metaphorically, we get a flask with finite time, energy and resources. We have to see how we are going to spend that. And if we promise the same element to two or more people then they are going to go unfulfilled, and your dependability will suffer.

Telling or keeping it private

It’s OK to have an expiration date on an offer that you don’t share. In some cases it’s a given. In other cases it is assumed, and in other cases its in black and white. A quote of services is a perfect example in which in large letters it usually says “quote good for 30 days.” Your other offers should be treated the same.


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