A simple answer for a complex issue… doesn’t work

Did you ever have an issue with someone and tell a friend about it? They usually say “Oh well I would just say this.” You roll your eyes , take a deep breath, and attempt to explain that this is pretty complicated, and that you’ve already tried that. You could go back and forth or you could just make a note to not mention it again. yeah, that’s a better option.

They don’t understand because you’ve presented a simple issue and they present a simple fix, without taking a step back.

The Alchemy for Life™ way of doing things

We all know what taking a step back means, and we even talked about that dang 30,000 foot view recently. But this relates to why we take a step back and examine the whole when it comes to accomplishing things.

And that’s exactly what Alchemy for Life™ is. It’s taking that step back and examining everything.

And, it’s having not only a system in place, but a machine/application/tool to allow us to manage it.