Three Voices

If you’ve read Three Voices then you know we all have three voices that we all use to communicate with ourselves and others. As a refresher and for those who have not read the book, our first voice is our speaking voice, our second is also regarded as our “inner monolog” or “the voices in our head” or even a replay of a conversation.

Seeing it out in the wild

Last week I had two encounters with people whose second voice was actively interacting with them (and consequently me). I’m going to skip the interaction I had that was particularly unpleasant for me, and go with the one I mostly observed with the other individual

The scenario

I was chatting with a gentleman and just before I came to see him he’d had an interaction with a man that was trying to goad him into doing something physical. Yes, the other dude was trying to get him to come to blows. He handled it like a champ and did not allow this to happen.

But there was a problem. His second voice was now replaying the interaction over and over in his head. You can imagine how this felt and I could see it in his eyes—that distant look of being somewhere or’ somewhen’ else in time. His second voice was challenging him—asking him over and over again why he didn’t do anything. You can probably relate with a scenario that happened to you in your past.

What he did next was predictable (to me) but invisible to others. Listen to this episode to find out what happened.