A reminder on the voices

We use three voices to communicate with ourselves AND others. Even if you get that you may not realize that not only can someone’s second voice be speaking to you, but you might be using your second voice to speak to them.

Confused? Here’s a reminder for those who haven’t read Three Voices.

  • Your Third Voice – Your speaking voice, the one I use in my podcasts.
  • Your Second Voice – Your inner monologue, dialogue, the literal voices in your head (its much more than that too)
  • Your First Voice – Your intuition, your gut feeling, your knee jerk reaction, your moral compass.

Have you experienced these situations?

Ever talked to someone and realize that you’re not really talking to them, but instead your talking to their experiences, their fears, their… parent from their childhood? Ever talk to someone and feel like they are not “in character?”

or… ever just sat in silence with someone you care about, and just knew that you were in sync?

In both cases you weren’t communicating with your third voice.

Lets dig in

Listen to the podcast, and we’ll explore this useful concept and extend the foundation Three Voices. It may just explain an interaction you’ve had and give you an “aha moment.”

Three Voices – helping you communicate with yourself, and others.