It’s been a bit because I’ve been busy exploring different media avenues. In addition to the podcast I’ve been exploring video shorts for Youtube, and small digestible video bites for Instagram and Facebook. So, welcome back! And check them out on my Facebook as well as my Instagram.

Being succinct, overcommunicating

Something a lot of people struggle with is over communicating. The paradox is that they all think they haven’t said enough, but in truth they’ve said to much. The info they were trying to impart turns to static in the mind of the other person. So, more information actually meant less information received. A truly annoying problem. Let’s talk about why this happens and what you can do about it…

The Devil’s in the Details

I’m currently accepting applications for a free read of my new novella – The Devil’s in the Details. You’ll get to read a free copy and be entered to win a paperback copy. There are limited spots so check out the signup form directly, or just go to and click on the Enter the Giveaway on the top menu. There are limited spots available. Once the book is published the contest is over.