Triangulation is the process by which you use more than one location to find the location of something. I point gets distance, two points gets position on the ground, three points gets altitude. That’s exactly how GPS works—the more satellites the better the accuracy.


Limiting Belief

You hear this all the time in the motivational and coaching circles. When you hear that you have a “limiting belief” you will shut down, immediately refuse it and say “Yeah yeah I get it.” Why? Well it’s that pesky “belief” label. If you believe in something it’s probably not a flavor of the day for you. it’s probably been with you for a long time and is deeply rooted. So if the belief limits you, says the outsider, then they are going to be met with a lot of resistance—because the stability of your mental health requires it. Otherwise it would all fall apart like a house of cards because someone could come by of any status and say “your belief is wrong” and you’d say “gee ok tell me what to believe.”

We don’t work like that.

Triangulating limiting Beliefs*

So let’s bring it all together. Again, if someone says you have a belief that limits you from losing weight, or finding The One, or being successful, it’s just ONE thing. You focus on that ONE thing. Its a bad thing, right? So we just have to get rid of it you silly person that believes in this bad thing—like having low self-esteem, believing what your parents told you, etc. Just remove it? What could go wrong?

So what if it’s not a limiting belief, but it still limits you?

What if the belief is to keep you on track for a good thing?


If you have a belief / guiding principal / self-governing law, etc. that says “I will work very hard to support my family. I will not do things that detract from that because if I do it will jeopardize our stability and finances. Think of the children.”

That’s a good thing.

But what if you know that starting a business with your partner or wife is the key to many times the stability and wealth? You have to put the time into it. Your belief limits you from doing it during work hours. So you do it during home time, but your belief about spending time with family limits that. So then you decide to just sleep less, but that runs into BOTH because it makes you worse at being a father, partner and employee.

Do you see how then it is not just one “limiting belief” that stems from something misguided or “incorrect?” You can’t get rid of that belief because it’s a good belief. But you can’t keep it because it is getting in the way of another belief. What do you do?

Listen and find out.

*I swear I come up with the greatest concepts, headings and chapter titles.