Attitude is everything

That’s one of those phrases we have heard to death and to the point that it’s lost any real meaning, hasn’t it? If you’re like me you might even cringe at it and just wave it off as mind-over-matter kind of nonsense—even if it has made a difference in your life. I want to talk about that, but specific to consuming media, and even more specific to reading books.

How can I develop a good attitude?

To develop and also maintain a positive attitude, you first have to take a step back. Are there things that make you immensely positive? Are you drained and in need of a recharge? Is it a defensive mechanism?

The Reader

We all consume media, and unless it’s our job to do so, we go into it as a consumer and hope for the best. let’s talk about how your attitude can greatly affect your appreciation and enjoyment. it’s not going to make a horrible book or movie great, but it will make for a better experience (and you may just see something you would have otherwise missed).

Awareness then action

As always I want to help you to become aware, and then perhaps take an action. You’re probably already doing this, but if not, it may give you some joy you otherwise wouldn’t have… and that’s certainly worth ten minutes of your time.


i want to give a special shoutout to all the great bookstagrammers on instagram who commit tireless energy to reading, reviewing, tabbing, marking up and discussion. And although their passion and enjoyment is reading, it still requires energy and time on their part (perhaps even the magic formula of Time, Energy and Resources™). 🙂

They clearly go into it with the proper attitude. If they didn’t their reviews would be less fun to read, and I think they would quickly burn out.