Do you have a catalog?

if you call yourself a creative, then it is important to catalog your work. In that, I mean to take a step back and see the various foundations you’ve built. It’s a good idea anyway to take a step back, as many creators have to ask Does This Suck? (See the podcast episode of the same name if you’re having this issue).

My catalog – putting aside my fiction is as follows:

  • Alchemy for Life – the book, this podcast and the coaching. Helping you attain goals and get more out of life
  • The Status Game – understanding what all relationships are based on.
  • Three Voices – the three languages our brains use to communicate with ourselves and others
  • OneSelf – spirituality, religion or lack thereof – the OneSelf belief system

Understanding that helps me to categorize future works, and I only realized this after I was recently creating something new…

But that’s a secret.

Well, it’s a secret unless you listen to this podcast.