Did I catch you in time?

Every year I tell you not to make resolutions—not because I don’t want you to set goals, but because resolutions (at least the style of setting goals) traditionally have a fantastic failure rate.

So, before you make them (or if you’ve made them, before you try to execute them) listen to this, and it may be what actually allows you to make it happen. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Three types of resolutions, a different kind of goal, and

Did you know there are three? There are. Let’s talk about it.

A new book

I have a new book scheduled for 2024 that goes into depth on some of the things I touch on here (including anti-goals). If you’re following me in some way (amazon, this mailing list, etc) you won’t miss it. I’m rather excited about it.

PS – I’ve been getting over a head cold, so my apologies if my voice isn’t pristine, but I really wanted to catch you before you created that repeating cycle of resolution–>fail–>beat yourself up and feel bad–>give up.