Three words

There are a number of words that can cause an emotional reaction. I won’t use the word ‘trigger’ because that’s overused.

We’re not going to go over all of those words, but we’re going to do three of them: fault, responsibility, and ownership—and we’re going to explore the positives of those words. There’s a positive version of fault?!

A new book

In an upcoming book one of the chapters explores the fact that we are told time and time again to take responsibility for things, and to accept a fault, and in (almost) every case, it is a negative thing. However, you’re never told to take responsibility for something positive in your life—a trait, a really good aspect of your personality. No one would ever say that, and yet it needs to be said.

Fault and responsibility

Sometimes something isn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility. That phrase generates an odd response, doesn’t it? Let’s explore what we mean by this, and hopefully you’ll actually feel pretty good at the end of this short podcast.