So what is a coach? And what is a life coach? “Life Coach” never really generated positive professional images in my mind, even though I’m considered to be one. It appeared out of nowhere and came with baggage. At least to me.

But now it seems that everyone is a coach, and each one has a different flavor. Even those that focus on a very specific task are coaches.


You know I like me them words. We are bombarded with industry buzzwords (see this episode). The right word can make all the difference in the world for a reader or a potential client.

I want to give some food for thought to both coaches and the people that hire them. Let’s talk about Mentors, Guides, Instructors, Teachers…. and Coaches.

  • What’s the difference?
  • Does using the term “coach” enhance or diminish the perception of potential clients?
  • Is your coach a coach, or more of an instructor? Or a teacher? Or…?
  • Does the term “Certified instructor” or “Certified coach” carry more weight in your mind?
  • Does “Financial Coach” or “Financial Advisor” sound more professional to you?

Let’s talk about it in this open-ended episode.