What is an iteration?

An iteration is an updated version of something built upon its previous version. But, and iteration can also be another separate version.

Examples of iterations

When someone bakes a cake, they can create a cake that has chocolate filling, vanilla frosting, and multicolor sprinkles on the outside. They can assess that cake and then realize that it would be better with raspberry filling, so they go back and create another cake with those parameters. Even though they’ve created two separate cakes—the second cake is an iteration of the first.

When someone works on a video or a movie, they have the benefit of being able to iterate that work product. They can add, delete, and adjust sections of the movie. They can apply a filter to specific instances of scenes or people. However, its the same movie. In the end everyone only sees the final product.

Kinda like you?

How we iterate

We live life iteratively. We can’t create duplicates of ourselves, but we do build upon the foundation of the past. Like the movie producer, we are able to add delete and adjust aspects of ourselves.

Let’s talk about how we live life iteratively, and what that means for us, improving ourselves, our relationships, and even our client connections.