Knowing your strengths

Do you know your strengths some people do and some people don’t. If you do know your strengths, there is something about them. You may not realize and that’s the subject of this podcast.

Stretching too far

Sometimes when we approach a goal or a task, we look for a way to do it that makes sense. We learn new skills and get better at our approach.

Just keep doing it!

Push harder and harder!

That’s pretty straightforward, but sometimes we encounter things that seem very counterintuitive and this is one of them… it can be disorienting and frustrating to discover it.

What if you push too hard? What’s the downside?

Listen in for what this means, how to recognize it, and the good news of what happens when you do.

It’s one of the most powerful life lessons I’ve understood. And it all comes from a simple phrase.

A strength stretched too far becomes a weakness.