Remember the How Do You Have Time For This? episode? If not, check it out. I talked about how more than once I’ve been asked “How do you have time for that” when I chat about books, speaking, podcasts, projects, etc. And my answer to them is always “That’s the wrong question.” The question should be, “How do you have energy for that.”

Energy over time

You will find fairly often that you actually have the time for it, but all the time in the world will not be enough if you simply don’t have the energy. Think being drained from work and staring at the TV instead of doing that cool thing.


Almost without exception, work (and you) is measured in an amount of work in a given amount of time. Even if you are salary, even if you work on long term projects, and even if you are a pure salesperson, you are measured that way.

If you disagree, tell me what would happen if your current output of work happened in twice the amount of time. Would you still be paid the same? Would you even have a job? Time is money ain’t just a catchy phrase.

Your formula

If someone gives you a certain amount of time to do a thing, the first thing your brain does is assess the amount of energy it takes to do that. And that’s how you assess if you have been given enough time.

Then you react. Does it stress you? Or does it make you feel comfortable?

Let’s explore this.