Cress has been working with children for over 25 years, with a focus on autism.   She’s a hands on person, and has a wonderful awareness of how things can give and take energy.  As always you can listen and see the connections to previous podcasts and articles.  By referencing them we can expand on what we talk about.

  • She talks about being the emotional and social support of the kids, as well as the physical requirements including some injuries.  She demonstrates perfectly how something can give you energy and also take it at the same time. She’s an example of being part of someones web of resilience.
  • Cress is passionate about working with children, and had a realization that she could burn out.  In Job Career or Calling we talk about how the various levels affect us, and how choosing which one is your passion can make a difference.
  • She learned mindfulness techniques and strived to have balance, as someone who used an amazing amount of intuition in dealing with the things that give and take in her life.

Listen to the podcast for more and how she felt and dealt with dealing with giving here child up for adoption.  As always I appreciate the time these fascinating people.

More info on cress and her body talk: