Happy New year… almost.

I am sure that you are being bombarded by posts, articles and information about your New years, your new years Resolutions and achieving goals in general. Everywhere you look – LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest – they are all telling you how to accomplish goals and what to do for new years.

The basics

No matter what you think, or are told, and no matter what the goal is, accomplishing goals boils down to simple things, every single time.

As I mentioned in the last podcast/article – completely accomplishing a goal is very much like filling a beer, or charging a battery – you have to be more careful and mindful at the end. The end is where it gets tricky.

Three elements for 2019

If you want to approach 2019 differently than you have approached other years, then understand these three elements:

  1. Look forward / Look Back. One of my first podcasts, and the reason my podcast is released early on a Sunday, is about looking back to look forward. What that means is that all the planning and clever tips in the world don’t matter if you had a crappy week, again. If you look back on your week you can see and feel what went right, and what went wrong. Some of those elements you have control over nd some you didn’t. You can change the next week to resemble more of the good moments from the last week. That’s all there is to that.
  2. Systems, not goals – You have to have a system in place to accomplish something. I’m not talking about losing five lbs, or skipping dessert once. I’m talking about accomplishing something that you haven’t been able to – something that might have been annoying you for a long time. That requires a system. If you want to change your body style, and that requires a lot of time to work out/ride a bike/join a class then you have to make sure you make room for the time, energy and resources needed. If you don’t, your life will just spit it out and overcompensate.
  3. It’s like charging a battery – Just like I said in the last podcast, the beginning is the easy part. When you get near the goal that’s when things seem harder, slow down, and are more difficult. Keep measuring, keep adjusting and maybe even move that goal now that you are nearer to it.

Look forward by looking back

Just like we do on a weekly basis, you will do that for 2019 – except that you are looking back an entire year.

What did you like abou 2018?
What went horribly wrong?
What was a disappointment?
What didn’t turn out at all as you expected?
What was surprisingly enjoyable?
What turned out really well and you’d want to do again?
What elements are repeatable and worth repeating?

Resources for you to succeed

There is an entire library of useful information available for you for free. Right here. The alchemtyfor.life/balancecoaching articles are all there, along with the podcasts that you can listen to in your browser. You can subscribe to them on pretty much any podcast software, iTunes, TuneIn, Google Play, podchaser. Listen, read, use, benefit.

Additional help

If you don’t want to do it alone anymore, then you can get help. My Alchemy For Life system is an online measuring tool that helps you decide what you want and get it. There’s a chat system built in to stay in touch, and weekly video calls to keep things in line – all based on what you really want. Contact me. Even if it’s just a question.