Do you have passion? Do you have passion in your life? Are you a passionate person? People use that word quite often… and it’s kind of annoying.

Everyone has heard the phrase “follow your passion.”

For those that don’t seem to have a passion they can feel left out and rightly so. I addressed some of this in my Job career or calling podcast in which I talked about how you can have a passion that is not your career or your job, but instead the former is supported by the ladder. In other words your job or career supports your true passion. And you don’t have to make money at your passion either.

Having said all that that’s not what I’m trying to tell you today. Today I just wanted to find passion. I’m not talking about the romantic kind—I’m talking about the thing that drives you and your juice of life and the thing that gets you out of bed and all that good stuff.

See, the problem is we are not really taught to find our passion and to make matters worse most people think passion is a thing when it is typically something else. As I have found so many times in this experiment of life the truth is usually not what you think it is. What does that mean? Confused?

What passion is not

So here’s what I’m really saying. If you don’t have a passion or think you don’t have a passion you need to look at the things that make you happy—selfishly privately happy

And your confusion will lie in the fact that you seem to have a passion for simple things or things that are disconnected. But more likely than not those things are connected.

As an example a lot of the things that I did didn’t seem to be connected or make any sense and I just thought I should just forget all this nonsense. Once I figured out that I didn’t have a passion for building a dating site, or speaking or even writing but instead it was something behind all that. It was something above and below all that. It was the thing that drove me to do all of that.

See where I am going now? You will find the thing that drives the passion, not the end result.

Yes, metaphysical and thought-provoking, yes?

In the result above it is my core passion of examining things from a different perspective than the norm and then building, creating, adjusting and ultimately distilling and explaining that is my actual passion. And the end results are things like roleplaying games, self-help books, a podcast, working in the client level of technology, building interactive web sites and now a fiction novel. All related, all from the same driving passion. I,magine how confusing that was for me before I figured that out?

I’m sure you can because you may be one of the people that is still confused over what their passion is. And if you’re like me you may be beating yourself up over it, or feeling left out.

Listen in on how to find the real passion, served up with a little humor. And don’t beat yourself up.

PS – There might be homework.