You will react very differently to what I am about to say based on your age.

If you are in school or college you’re going to roll your eyes because you’re inundated with it. If you’re older than that or in business then you won’t quite understand. If you’re somebody that is searching for self-improvement then you’ll be very open minded to this. Regardless of which when you are hear me out.

High School or College

Let me tell you that I feel for you if you are in high school or college because I know that homework is overused. In fact my daughter was part of the study that essentially proved that homework makes no difference in high school. In college it varies but my perception is that is its vastly overused in place of interacting with a wise leader figure. So much easier to just inundate someone with work instead of interacting with them, learning what level they are at, filling gaps in knowledge, challenging them, etc.

Post college and business

If you are the average workin’ stiff, then the thought of bringing work home makes you want to punch me. That’s cool.

Entrepreneurs and those focused on Self-Development

You are probably part of this group, so I am safe from all the punching and resentment. If you are in this group then let me explain just how powerful this stuff is…