Liminal spaces

A liminal space is the between space (usually in the physical world). It doesn’t ‘feel right.’ It’s a threshold between two states. The transitory nature usually causes you to feel a little creeped out.

Ever done a house tour in which a lot of the personal belongings have been minimized? It’s not your house, it’s not their house, it’s for sale… What about seeing a mall with no people in it?

The other kind of liminal spaces – the nonphysical

There are emotional or conceptual liminal spaces. Like the night before being married in which you are neither single nor married. For me having a flight looming over my head in the next few hours creates a state in which I can’t invest in anything and mentally I am in the airport waiting to take a plane. Needless to say the last day of a vacation is not much of a vacation because of that. I start thinking of the activities as memories instead of experiences…

Even though I don’t think a waiting room is a physical liminal space, it is an emotional one because you’re there halfway between seeing a doctor/getting results and just going about your life.

Remember the last day of grade school while you just waited for the clock to run out? Not really in school, not really on summer break.


Almost all of these episodes follow the format of creating an awareness for you and then give you tasks or solutions. With this one we are just creating the awareness.

So, stop and smell the liminal spaces… just don’t stay too long.