How long is your day?

Ingrained in the society I live in is the eight hour work day. However, to get ahead, to be salaried, to be a manager, a mover and shaker or someone who is launching businesses or being an entrepreneur it’s expected that you work 10, 12, 16 or more hours.

Is this you, you hard working devil you?

In a study conducted in the UK of almost 2,000 office workers, it was found that they are only productive for… eight hours? no. Six hours? Nope? Oh, I get it, only four hours. Um, not even that. It was less. But let’s round up to four.

So if people are only productive for four-ish hours, then why stick around for longer than that?


Filling the space

If you are given a minute to complete a project or a task, that’s just too little time. It’s absurd. If you are given 16 hours to do your normal ‘day’s work’ then that’s just too long, you miss your family, you feel like a slave and your mind will race to figure out how to be more efficient so you can finish the task in a reasonable amount of hours. Right?

Thinking like a consultant

When you are a consultant, a gun-for-hire, a specialist, etc. you are hyper-focused on performing a task in as little time as is reasonable. You don’t think in terms of ‘breaks’ or talking about your vacation, etc. You work, and work hard and then you get out. Consultants have that attitude for a reason. But can’t you think like that? Or maybe you already do…

Play with the slider

So where does the slider move? Let’s talk about that in today’s podcast and the possibility of converting your ‘normal’ day to one of just four hours…