Everyone talks about passion. For a long time, you were told to follow your passion. I talked about passion in Job, Career or Calling a few years ago. Obviously passions are good as they give us that energy we need, but there are a lot of things we are not told about them.

Multiple passions

But what if you have more than one passion?
And what if you have more than one like?
And what if you have passions that are (seemingly) completely disconnected?

That can all be confusing, and daunting.

Symptoms are to passions what ailments are to…

Just examining your passion(s) is like examining your systems when you are sick. Getting to the root of it is where your answers lie. And what do you think you can do with this information? The answer is something amazing.


By the way… this is one of the episodes in which I ask that you pause. It greatly benefits your absorption of this concept, and allows you to personalize it and take it to heart. So when we get to the part where you pause, please do so.

Let’s do it!

News from the future

Also, this podcast episode is drawing from an upcoming book, so you’re getting a sneak peek. if you’re intrigued, stay tuned for the release this year.