Type A Personalities

The phrase type a refers to a pattern of behavior and personality associated with high achievement, competitiveness, and impatience. Does this sound like you? Does this sound like most C-level employees? Does this sound like most entrepreneurs and creatives? If you’re listening to this podcast you most likely are.

Productivity and meaning

You probably derive a lot of meaning from your productivity. You push harder and harder. Many people immerse themselves in their career and blink and then suddenly it’s 20+ years later.

And they have to retire.

And that word is terrifying. Why? Because you found meaning in what you’ve done and now you’re not allowed to do it anymore. And it has become your identity. It’s who you are.


But there is hope and direction. You can still feel the meaning. You may actually find more meaning in this new direction.

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  • Productivity and obligations are just that – obligations.
  • If what you do for a living (productivity) also fits in one or more columns (learning, fun, health, etc) then it becomes more meaningful. It’s no longer a job or even career. It’s much more.
  • Your career can become your identity, and when you lose the ability to perform that job (retirement) it can feel like you are losing your identity.
  • You’ll find that the most meaningful things in your life fit in more than one column of the balance sheet
  • You can not only take a turn, but bloom into a bigger flower for the thing that brings you not only meaning, but joy (and get paid for it).