Call In Interview Podcast: Christina

Christina has gone through some recent difficult times.  She speaks very honestly about what she has gone through and how it affected her perception of time, energy and resources.

I like to examine the discussion and see how the guest touches on podcasts and articles.  it provides a very good grounding, a real life demonstration of the stuff I talk about, and a further reading/listening for you.  

Further Reading/Listening

  • We learn how Inertia played a part in what she was overcoming.
  • She was able to seek out and visit with her father, which is a demonstration of how Resilience is a system.
  • Christina talks about not living in the past and how she started living in the moment, which is exactly what we learn from the Alien in Why Do You Live Here?
  • In overcoming her current situation, she gained the energy to think strongly about what she wants to do with her future, as described in Job Career or Calling.  She clearly realized that Energy is key, as discussed in the article of the same name