I now have my UAV Pilot license from the FAA.

Because I didn’t stay in my lane. Have you ever been told that—to stay in your lane? Or even pick one?

🚁 One of the best pieces of advice to NOT listen to is “stay in your lane.”  If I stayed in my lane I wouldn’t have written six books—especially the two fiction.  I wouldn’t have narrated, I wouldn’t have explored coaching, I wouldn’t have a podcast. 

🚁 And I wouldn’t be a licensed UAV pilot. I wanted to explore more about my “relaxing hobby” (which honestly is not so relaxing due to regulations and compliance).  So I pursued the license and learned a LOT.  Now I have added another skill to my “Skill stack*.”  And can offer beautiful video, gorgeous photos and survey perspective to clients, legally.

We talk about job, career and calling, Scott Adams and skill stacks.

What do you do for a living? What is your hobby? What other “unrelated” skills do you have? You know they make you better, right? Like, literally better.

Here are a few samples of videos I’ve done. You’ll find them very relaxing:

PS- This is the normal Sunday Alchemy for Life podcast… The 12 Days of Christmas special episodes are still continuing in the background…

* Thank you, Scott Adams.