Stay in your lane

We already covered staying in your lane in the podcast of the same name. The truth is that I was so focused on this version that I may have forgotten about that one. See, they are equally as interesting and useful. The first stay in your lane focused primarily on the benefits of adding skills to your stack. However, this podcast is different.

Stay in your lane II – The Sequel

This podcast is about deconstructing the metaphor of “Stay in your lane.” While that may sound very fancy, it just means that we are going to actually address the metaphor—the actual car or vehicle driving in a lane and what the Big Hairy Deal it is to go into another lane. What’s the problem? And what does that mean in the metaphor? If you like this kind of deconstructing perhaps we will do it again for another metaphor.

The metaphor origin

You are told to stay in your lane in a physical car because the lanes keep us safe. That’s why we signal, check out blind spots and then mope, right? If you weave all over, or don’t signal (my pet peeve) then you could cause a lot of trouble—even death. So stay in that lane—we are counting on you.

The metaphor

When we tell someone to stay in their lane but we aren’t shouting at them in a car we are probably speaking metaphorically. In that case we are telling them to stick what they know, or focus on their job, or the skill we think they should be focussing on.

But in both cases you can’t really stay in your lane, can you?

Listen to the podcast to dive in deeper—which of course is another metaphor. 🙂