Past Present and Future


We wrap up 2019 by summarizing some stuff, revisiting homework that helps you and.

  • So what were your random thoughts? Check out the episode and write them down using the method I taught you.
  • What was your passion? Did you feel left out, or did you figure out the thing behind the thing?
  • Did you figure out the framework of your life? Not the support group, but those things that are your go-to.
  • Do you come to me for information or information? What is it you seek?
  • Do you ask if what you are doing sucks? Do you suck? Have you figured out that it’s normal to think that?


Presently you’re already immersed in the holiday season which can seriously mess with your time, energy and resources.


Do not make resolutions that are a check box unless they actually are a check box. (more in the podcast). Remember systems not goals.

We have some really neat guests lined up and confirmed. listen in for hints.

Finally, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and yours, celebrate what is meaningful for you, and I hope it’s fun, and satisfying.

And don’t beat yourself up if it’s not “perfect.”