Bill Protzmann is a piano virtuoso.  He started playing piano at three years old and hasn’t stopped.  He’s also runs  tech company.  Sound a little familiar?  He’s what I call a “dual brained” individual – his creative and logical side are equally active and fight it out and we all get to benefit from that.

His company, MusicCare, helps individuals and businesses work better, smarter and with less stress.

Bill talks about sustaining a habit that doesn’t have an income stream attached to it.  This is a great way to define that thing that we find joy in, regardless of the income it generates.  We talk about this in Congratulations You’re Bored (article) and Job, Career or Calling?

Bill and I have a candid discussion about music, its profound effects on us, veterans, noisy cafes and suicide.  If you have dealt with suicide, personally or otherwise it’s an important listen.

Worth noting that in a podcast centering around music and sound, we both had an unusual sound interruption.  I left both in the podcast because I thought it was ironic, funny and just flowed well anyway.