Review of our most helpful episodes.

From Interviews to a unique take on word meanings, to turning negatives to positives (and maybe vice versa) you don’t want to miss this.

The Complete AFL Episode Guide: A Catalog of All Our Episodes

Welcome to The Complete Alchemy for Life™ Episode Guide, where I give you a comprehensive overview of all the episodes in our podcast. In this episode, I’ll be narrating a catalog of all our episodes, giving you the titles and a brief description of each one. Whether you’re new to the podcast and want to catch up on past episodes, or you’re a long-time listener looking to revisit some of your favorites, this episode is for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a journey through the the Alchemy for Life™ complete episode guide.

Episodes mentioned in this Episode Guide

Interviews and others:

  • Robbin Castillo – You must hear this warrior monk. Diet, movement, life.
  • The King of Birds – BGT runner up, magician, performer, comedian. We talk philosophy
  • Free Group Coaching – The form is still up on my site, and have done a dad group since this episode.
  • Three Voices – My eighth book, with an endorsement from a clinical psychologist. The three voices we use to communicate with ourselves and others.

If this is your first podcast, hello and I hope you enjoy this year’s catalog. Reach out and say high with feedback, like, rate the podcast, and if you have a friend that would benefit from one of these I don’t mind if you forward this to them!

Also, let me know what you want me to tackle in 2023!

*Mentioned in this episode: The Myth and Magic Podcast. Neil is the person that turned me on to the emotional variant of Liminal Spaces when he interviewed me.